Cultivating an Artist from An Early Age

Cultivating an Artist from An Early Age

Whether you believe that your child is gifted or not, a type of school that is incredibly beneficial is an arts school. One of the UK’s top independent arts schools is Millfield, where children are accepted from age two through until 18. Choose one school for your child’s entire education, and know that your child is fulfilled, and has endless opportunities.

At Millfield, the excellent curriculum is enhanced with sport and opportunities for students to excel individually in areas of drama, art, dance, design, debating, community service and music. It is a well-rounded curriculum which remains balanced, where pupils nurture a stable platform of critical attitudes, values and skills throughout their schooling at Millfield.

Also, the curriculum includes the nurturing of leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit, to ensure children are thriving beyond their schooling career. To make Millfield more accessible to everyone, it offers bursaries and scholarships to aspiring and talented young people.

The focus of the children is continuously shifted to international mindedness, to become committed to serving the communities around them, while they become connected to global citizens. If this sounds like the type of school you would love to send your child to, be sure to learn more about them.