Decorating a Classroom

Decorating a Classroom

Classrooms have a lot of traditional aspects, such as a whiteboard along with plenty of tables and desks. The necessary items however don’t have to limit how the room is decorated, and plenty of room is still available for some fun to be had with the styling of a classroom. Depending on the age group the classroom will impact how it’s decorated, but here are some essential tips for decorating a classroom that your students are sure to love.

Bright Colours

Particularly for younger cohorts of students, bright colours can help create a vibrant and fun-looking space that’s conducive for learning. Nobody likes being in a dull environment, and just because the room is a classroom doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Use bright colours to decorate the walls, such as vibrant shades of red or blue. Colours can impact upon our mood, so going for happy colours in a classroom can help students to feel more relaxed in the environment and may help to prevent them becoming too stressed. You could also choose to decorate the classroom with wallpaper if you’d like a unique pattern or style that’s harder to paint.

Wall Art

After decorating the walls with bright and attractive colours, consider what wall art you’ll be wanting to use. You can get varied and high quality Wall art that will appeal to students from Gallerix. Art can be obtained in a variety of styles and colours, with prints available of many things from patterns to iconic pop culture pieces. You can use wall art to add more vibrancy to the classroom, and some of it can even be educational to assist your students with learning. Ensure whatever you get matches the colours of the room, and avoid having the walls looking too cluttered. You could also leave dedicated spaces on the walls to hang up exceptional work from your students, allowing them to make the space feel a little bit more like their own.


When it comes to furnishing a classroom, the desks and chairs are naturally a necessity. But besides the traditional aspects of a classroom, you’ll also want to consider adding some extra furnishings that will truly complete the space and make things easier and more comfortable for students. You could include coat hooks so pupils don’t have to put them under the tables or on the back of seats. Also consider including small lockers, allowing your students to safely store their belongings out of the way. Finally, don’t forget drawers for you to store teaching materials. Drawers are available in many styles and colours, so they can be bought to match the colours of the walls too!