How to Write a Strong Personal Statement For High Ranking Universities

How to Write a Strong Personal Statement For High Ranking Universities

Every student’s dream is to get into a good university and pursue their course of choice. The application process for high ranking universities in the UK and other parts of the world is usually rigorous. This does not mean that students cannot find an opportunity to join them. As long as they have good grades and can convince the admission department that they are qualified, then it should not be a hard task getting into the schools. One of the ways of securing a place into high ranking institutions is by having a strong personal statement, otherwise known as a statement of purpose. Below are the tips that will help you write a winning statement.

Start Early

Do not wait until the last minute before you start writing your personal statement. When you are in a hurry, you tend to make many mistakes that will make you come off as unqualified. Starting the application early allows you time to read and edit your statement. You can also send it to someone you trust and ask them to give you comments that will enrich your application. Your first draft should basically be everything about you and what you want to say, and then you edit as you go. Do not let the word count limit you.

Be Real

Colleges are now looking for people with real life stories on how different issues affect them. A personal statement should not be a duplication of samples that have been lifted online. Your personality should show. This does not mean that you should fabricate stories. It simply means that you should be real and genuine. Tell the admission about yourself, the things that have shaped your life and plans for the future. They should read your essay and feel like you are the perfect fit for the institution.

Focus on Strengths

Most people who read through personal statements always say that students tend to give sad stories about themselves with hopes that it will attract pity. When you are applying for college, it is not time for you to focus on the misfortunes that have happened to you. Focus on your strengths instead. It is okay to be honest and mention some defining moments in your life, but you should also mention how you got through the hard times, and the lessons you learnt.

Keep it Relevant

Do not think that all university applications are looking for the same thing. There are some that have a specific focus such as leadership, while others are looking for innovators and change makers. Read the requirements for the personal statement before you start writing. After you are done, you should read and reread it before pressing on the submit button.