Intranet for Higher Educational Institutions

Intranet for Higher Educational Institutions

Intranets are used across many industries as a means of sharing information, and facilitating collaboration to improve the internal communication of a company, and employee productivity. An intranet can be defined as a kind of private internet that can only be accessed by internal users of an organisation. The benefits of an intranet are numerous, and not only for industry, but also for education.

Intranets are useful for all levels of education, but are particularly useful in a higher education institution that has numerous campuses in different locations. An intranet will help to bring all information and communication together in one place, accessible by all faculty, staff, and students. Consulting a reputable company such as, can help you to implement an intranet that is tailored to your specific needs.

Omnia delivers high performance with the world’s fastest intranet. It received the Intranet Choice Europe Award 2021, for the fourth consecutive year. They also received the highest score for ease of user experience.

An intranet helps to keep everyone ‘in the loop.’ Communications are made simple, and information can be updated very easily. All important information such as calendars, meetings, class and lab schedules, seminars, conferences, and presentations (the list is non-exhaustive) can be available to all at the touch of a button.

Using the intranet can also improve students’ academic achievements by making resources available online. Tutors can be contacted online for advice if any problem arises. Perhaps most important of all, it facilitates peer interaction between students. Discussion groups can be formed for students to share ideas, and to work on collaborative projects.

The benefits of an intranet go further than enhancing the teaching and learning that can take place in a higher education institution. It is cost-effective in terms of saving natural resources (less paperwork), and also human resources ( less time, effort, and energy).