Looking Smart, Makes You Smart

Looking Smart, Makes You Smart

Whether to wear a uniform to school or not has been debated for a long time. Some students like them, some do not. However, the advantages of wearing a uniform are too numerous and important to ignore. Shirts, ties, and smart blazers can make all the difference to a student’s self-confidence and academic achievement.

Uniforms (school or otherwise) can be a great leveler. Uniforms mean that everyone is dressed the same, and that creates a sense of equality and belonging. They can help to build a school into a community, and having pride in that community. Uniforms also encourage students to dress smartly which can help them when they leave school and join the world of work.

Wearing uniforms can reduce student stress associated with not wearing ‘the right clothes’ in the eyes of their peers. Peer pressure to wear expensive designer clothes, or the latest fashion, is done away with. Even bullying is deterred. If everyone is wearing similar clothes, this gives one less reason for bullies to single out a student for not wearing the latest trend. This leads to increased confidence and self-esteem of students.

Uniforms can also help to focus attention. If students are wearing uniforms, there is less distraction whether this comes from the writing on an item of clothing, or which designer brand someone is wearing. It stops students talking about where someone bought their clothes, how much it costs, and the like. This leads to a greater focus on school work which will help students to perform better.

One of the most important duties of a teacher is the care and well-being of their students. Students wearing uniforms are easily spotted when on field trips, helping to keep them safe. It can also alert security staff/teachers to any intruders in the school.

A school with a uniform code implies the school has a particular level of discipline with rules that need to be adhered to. When students wear a uniform, they are complying with those rules, and are more likely to follow other rules.

Uniforms can help students and schools. Students benefit from less peer pressure, less attention from bullies, and gain a sense of belonging. Learning can be improved with less distraction in the class helping students to concentrate on what really matters – their studies. Uniforms make a school environment safer, more friendly, and more conducive for learning.