Most Popular Degrees in UK Universities

Most Popular Degrees in UK Universities

UK universities have a rich tradition of assembling brilliant minds and preparing them with the expertise to become world leading professionals. This process wasn’t built overnight, but decades of excellence in cutting-edge teaching activities and research are supported by modern facilities and world-class academics.

Business is the top studied degree, and respected figures and many internationally recognised celebrities hold a UK business degree. Mick Jagger, the legendary rock artist, owns a business degree from London School of Commerce. The different subjects which are studied include Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, International Management, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing, International Business, Finance and Management, Economics and Business Administrations.

Medicine is another relevant field of study, and UK students across universities study these to obtain degrees such as Medical Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Psychotherapy, Nursing, Veterinary Surgery, Molecular Medicine, Dentistry, and Surgery. Engineering and Technology remains a sought-after field of study, with top degrees followed at universities across Britain including Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering, Aeronautics and Chemical Engineering.

Natural sciences are one of the prominent degrees studied in the UK. This includes not only UK citizens, but every year, the applications from international students across the world are increasing. The world’s eminent scientists include top British academics, and when you look at scientific paper’s citations, you will find that the highest percentage comes from British academics with a 15.2% citation rate. The top Natural Science degrees which are studied include Earth Science, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Marine Biology and Biology.

Art degrees in the UK are popular, and attract a lot of international students too, with official statistics indicating that the number of students applying from countries around the globe far exceeds what UK universities can accommodate. Top degrees include Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Fine Art Painting. Media and Communication degrees open doors to challenging careers and high-paying jobs in the UK. Each year the applicant numbers rise, and students come from around the world for a UK education, while UK students are also studying degrees such as Digital Media, Screenwriting, Film & TV Studies, as well as Journalism.

UK universities have been offering law degrees since the beginning of time, and are a long and rich tradition. International students find it very attractive too, while UK students also find it highly competitive. The top degrees in the UK include Civil Law, Master of Law, Criminology and Law, Bachelor of Law, Criminal Justice and International Human Rights Law.