UK Student Visa Requirements

UK Student Visa Requirements

Students outside the UK or the EU must apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa. You can apply when you plan to study full-time, as part-time courses and language courses do not apply to Student Visa applicants.

All international citizens are required to have a visa to remain in the UK for an extended period. The immigration requirements are determined by the country of origin and your nationality. Here we give you guidelines on getting a Tier 4 visa to study.

How Do You Apply?

You can apply in person, by post and online for the visa and you need to follow the requirements and restrictions according to UK policy that could change at any time. You are required to start your application for your student visa at three months before your course date. You will be submitting a university application too, and requesting a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies from the institution, you applied to.

This is an essential document, as it will indicate that you are entitled to study in the UK and therefore eligible to seek a visa. This Confirmation of Acceptance number on the document needs to be used to support your student visa application form.

Can You Apply for a Job on a Student Visa and What Does a Visa Cost?

The advantage you have as an international student with a visa to study in the UK is that you can accept any part-time work to supplement your money. When you are a government-sponsored student, you are entitled to work 20 hours per week. When you are applying outside of the UK, the price for a visa will be £335. When you are already in the UK and apply, the amount will be higher, and you will pay a standard service fee of £457.